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You are unique, and your health care should be too.  That's why we’re committed to helping our patients through the very best of physical, functional medicine, chiropractic care, and rehab. At our state-of-the-art clinic you’ll find that our approach to health care is simple - discover the health issues unique to you and focus on treating the cause, not just the symptoms. This method is the only way to get back to living the life they’ve always wanted. We do this through a team approach. Each and every patient that walks through our doors has a team of professionals working together for them that constantly stay up to date with latest and most advanced treatment techniques.  Call now to schedule.


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Javier Quinones
Local Guide · 275 reviews · 2,966 photos
"Great place, excellent customer service, been going there for only few weeks, hope to get more results , but that's to come over time. The equipment is top of the line, and the Doctor great. I will keep these post update."
Larry Prather
6 reviews
"Wonderful doctor and staff. Neuropathy is beginning to heal and be under control. A ways to go yet but it has only been 3 months. Chiropractic care has been successful and hope to continue. Somewhat expensive, but appears to be worth the cost."
Laura Pinkney
1 review
"At 54 with 12 years of pain...Finally someone who will do the testing, walk with me thru it, and won't shove Pharmaceuticals down my throat. Can't wait to start this journey. Thanks so much..YOUR TEAM IS AWESOME!"
Kim Conner
1 week ago
"Posting for my husband - I've suffered from severe neuropathy for a while and traditional medicine hasn't worked. The next option was certainly amputation. My sister found Dr Hubbard online and we thought we'd give it a chance. My wife and I drive three hours one way from Abilene for these appointments. The staff is extremely helpful and Dr. Hubbard spends time explaining the procedures and home treatments thoroughly. Almost two months in and I'm starting to get feeling back in my feet. It's like they are waking up, which is what the doctor explained would happen. Having the app helps me communicate with the staff as I have questions and they respond very quickly. The fact that Dr. Hubbard is a Christian in every sense of the word gives me confidence that we made the right decision no matter how far we have to travel. She even throws in an adjustment when I'm there. I have hope for recovery for the first time in years. This clinic is a gem."
Carol Burrier
2 weeks ago
"A review does not even define what this Clinic can do for someone! I have had chronic lower back troubles with pain for the past 17 years. Doctors have done therapy, cortisone shots in back and hips, and suggested surgery. Dr. Hubbard has offered adjustments, traction therapy, and a wellness program (which is amazing). This combined treatment is a miracle! I feel like I did with the cortisone shots, just without the invasive treatment of one. The pain is very minimal and no more spasms since I started. I have lost a total of 4lbs so far just in 4 days! I have signed up for continued treatment and definitely will be fulfilling them. The front staff is amazing as well! Always so jolly and a pleasure to see on every visit. Thanks to all of you!"
Mark Brown
1 month ago
"Upon receiving treatment at Hill Country. I had a lot of inflammation stored in my body from years of been in the military from old injuries. I started a nutrition diet to help with my neuropathy in my arms, legs and feet. I lost weight using the nutrition diet plan and it helped drop my blood pressure to a normal range, it is constantly now at 116/68. I have gotten a great deal of feeling back in my feet and arms before it was numb and throbbing from nerve pain. The treatment is working and I feel better and my standard of living is much improved.
Before starting treatment at Hill Country. I was in pain barely wanting to move and I was gaining weight because of it but get cervical and lower back spine adjustment along with physical therapy and home neuropathy treatments. I have gotten a great deal of relief. I would say to new patients is to trust Dr. Hubbards process, she is one of the best chiropractor in the Central Texas area."

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